My Dream Is To Be Successful And Really Love What I Do

Michelle Lesniak Franklin

“I’ve worked hard before. I’ve worked really hard . . . for other people.  But I’ve never worked hard for myself. And I’ve never worked hard for my vision. And it’s a totally different experience. 

If I can get through all of these challenges in the most emotionally and physically demanding runway of my life, I really can do anything that I set my mind to.  I mean, I can really tackle every mountain that lies ahead of me.   

My dream is to be successful and really love what I do –so yeah, this is a dream come true.”

 Michelle Lesniak Franklin-2013 Project Runway Winner

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Tyler Perry: “I Would Not Stop Believing”

Tyler Perry discussing the secret of his success

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“Never Let Failure Even Be An Option”



I have been a long time fan of Gurbash Chahal for a few years now.  Even when He and I were both featured in the same issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, after digesting my own article, I read with interest about his risk taking and resulting success.

Watch this video and be inspired to dream big.

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If you could do ANYTHING, what would you do?

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Don’t Forget Your Bread and Butter Customers

Bread and Butter Customers are the ones who buy from you regularly.  They are the ones that buy just enough here and there cumulatively to keep your doors open.  They are loyal. They are regular.  They refer business to you.  Once in a great while, the BIG ORDER comes in.  A nice cash infusion and worth chasing. But they are at times associated with irregular order cycles.  Irregular and deferred cash flow. Your bread and butter clients understand delay. They run businesses and have the same hurdles too.

The other day I contacted a company that I have done business with (and recently referred a friend who made a purchase).  In a 4 minute phone call, the co-owner told me about 8 different ways that she couldn’t fill my “tiny” order of 5 thousand units. I normally work with her husband.

She went on to gloat about a big new order that they were working on,  That she couldn’t fit in my “tiny” order, and actually made up illogical reasons (each of which I shot down) to delay a 24 hour process to over 3 weeks. She also added that she almost threw out her notes from our meeting.  I asked, wryly “why would you do that?”  “Oh, I hadn’t heard from you,” she said.

In all that I said to her, my point was a repeated firm and cold “maybe next time,”  meaning, never again.  She finally stopped talking and caught on the third time I said it and then asked me to email her the order and she would “see what she could do this week.”

Hmmm. What happend to 3 weeks?

I didn’t email her s***!

I found other 2 vendors in 10 minutes.  Put out requests for bids.  One replied in an hour, at 3:30 pm yesterday.  Of course, I paid dearly for such expedited services, but in this case I deemed it necessary. When I repeated that I needed the order on time, the owner replied, “If I can’t get a courier, I will bring them myself.” And he did (45 miles each way). They just delivered the order to my home at 11:15 pm which gives me a head start on an important weekend project. We chatted briefly about their other services and I learned that they can help with 2 other areas of my business.

He did as he promised. I am happy with the product. I felt respected. He made a customer for life.

Don’t forget your bread and butter clients.  They are working hard to grow into BIG businesses with BIG orders as well…and BIG memories.

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Live in SLC (Utah)? Looking For A Job?

Employee of Future State Farm Agent


Salt Lake City, UT

Full Time

Peggy Langin – State Farm Agency Intern

Position Overview

Are you outgoing and customer-focused? Do you enjoy working with the public? If you answered yes to these questions, working for a future independent contractor State Farm Agent may be the career for you! You will receive the necessary training needed to pursue this opportunity.

You will be hired by State Farm Insurance Companies, the insurance and financial products company, and an employment agency for a short co-employment period of up to 90 days to satisfactorily complete the training and licensing. Once the training and licensing is complete, your employment with State Farm and the employment agency will end, and you may be considered for employment with an independent contractor State Farm Agent.

Background and credit check will be required.

Let them Know HWIC sent you.
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Want To Know Which Career Fields Are Growing?

The Occupational Outlook handbook from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great resource.

You can find detailed information on a variety of fields.  Even more, you can filter by salary, education level and (projected) fastest growing areas.

Let me know how this helps you in your job search/career change.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

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